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17th Annual Judeo-Christian Juried Online International Art Exhibition

April 5th, 2015

17th Annual Judeo-Christian Juried Online International Art Exhibition

The 17th Annual Judeo-Christian Juried Online International Art Exhibition has proven to be a very inspirational showcase of some of the finest works the gallery has been privileged to host. Following are comments by those pieces that are especially moving and technically impressive.

DINA BOVA of Petach Tiqwa, Israel has a unique approach to expression. His striking work “Quaere Veritatem - Seek Truth” shows an intense balancing situation with followers holding on to the leader who has fire in hand but with a blindfold that seems rather concealing. The work “Spheres of Unconditional Love” bespeaks of the Madonna and Child iconography and this piece is tenderly displayed. The use of the bubble-like halo is quite contemporary. And “The Age of Innocence” is exceptionally effective in all regards.

ISRELAH BROOKS of Florence, South Carolina works well with mixed media and the use of Velvetone Film is rather unusual. Her work "Gia & Johnny 17" shows happy children with a lot of love. The triptych entitled "Homeless Not Hopeless" deals compassionately with a strong message. And "Psalm 139" is beautifully drawn. And "Jose (Hosanna Hosanna) Isa. 49:15" done with a strong light effectively showing the face in full frame, adds visual strength to the content.

JAMES ELLISON of Rowland Hts., California is an amazing artist. His oil painting “It Is Finished It Has Begun” shows the crucifixion situation, similarly composed like Salvador Dali’s work. However the multitude of people with such a perspective makes a very strong statement. His work "Spiritús Crëator" presents a lot to consider with the use of three faces and the action of painting in time. “Be Still My Soul”, perhaps reflective of the Garden of Eden, is brilliantly depicted. Another impressive, visually precise work is his painting “Pilgrim” with the awesome scenery. And also, his “Dawn” is nicely painted to reveal the wonderful ocean, beach and sky typography.

JUDI JORDAN of Taylor, Arizona chooses her imagery to reinforce her visual concepts. Her “Gifts of Grace” with mixed media are full of counting your blessings. The formality presented in her work “Power In God’s Word” is such an important statement indeed. Also, the amazing work entitled “Unveiled” draws a comparison to the wedding feast and Christ’s crucifixion causing the veil of the temple to tear apart — very interesting.

NOAH LATAILLE of Hampden, Maine makes a “Crown of Thorns” which is so impressive and dramatic especially because it is made out of welded steel giving it a very strong aspect. Recent scientific studies from the Shroud has revealed that the crown was actually a cup, covering the whole head. Noah’s work gives this sense of all over the head.

PATRICK LUBER is quite creative in conceptual integrity and in his use of aluminum beverage cans recycled to make the work “Trinity” which is wonderfully portrayed with the three parts but also with the important arrows which helps to be all inclusive of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a triangular oneness formation.

JESUS MARIN of Orlando, Florida has some very descriptive messages, all richly presented in acrylic. The significant symbology works well together. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all there in this important message of “Presence of God”. Another one of his particularly special works is called "The Key" with all the rich symbolism that are deserving of contemplation!

BRIAN PARKS of Bellevue, Washington takes significant references to passages that are important and impressive. His “Elijah’s Offering” and especially “Elijah’s Ascension” are exceptionally depicted. The visual effects are amazing and the perspective gives them a strong appeal.

MICHELLE VEZINA PETERLIN of Evansville, Indiana has such a wonderful composition with the two bending over to give and receive “The Blessing”. This acrylic on canvas work is very rich conceptually and technically. The warm color scheme adds to the meaning.

DUANE J. PIEPER of Gretna, Nebraska adds a special dimension to his subject matter with the use of cold and encaustic wax together with various mixed media. His “Back to the Garden” shows the moving toward and the peace in the garden. The cool overlapping scene and the warm garden scene work well together. His “Lion of Judah” really becomes effective with the wax as well as the added media. And “Watchmen on the Walls” again with the strength of the media, make the scene even more dynamic.

O YEMI TUBI of Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom presents a work entitled “The Bleeding Roses”. The amazing handling of the Christ figure and the other devoted characters with all the rich colors in the foreground as if lit up with the darker and desaturated sky and background make for a wonderfully expressive oil on canvas.

KEVIN vonKLUCK of Lemont, Illinois is quite prolific with his creative work. His piece “Martyr” uses unusual media to show the giving of life. Another work called “Flight of Faith” uses wood, bamboo, stone and copper in a dynamic composition in the form of a cross shape. Also, quite nice is his “Shrine to the Book of the Dead” specially arranged upon an antique table. The work entitled “Sticks and Stones” takes the idea of the passion in a way that deals with the jeering crowd. And too, his “Time is Ripe” is most profound and important to contemplate!

RALPH WHITE of Redondo Beach, California has a signature style with moving, dripping paint and he is quite successful. The work “Ascension” is a great abstraction of the concept. And also, “Genesis” is richly dramatic in color, texture and especially movement.

Please know that these specially recognized artists and their work may have personal statements included after their statements are received.

Thanks to all the artists whose works were selected in this juried show. And a special message of love and appreciation to artists who share their talent in such a faithful manner.


Laurence Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art

Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2015 - shortlist announced

March 15th, 2015

Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2015 - shortlist announced

International law firm Ashurst and Oaktree & Tiger Gallery are pleased to announce the 25 artists short listed for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2015.
Out of more than 600 artworks entered by over 270 artists, the short list includes artists from Europe, South America, Iran, China, South Africa, North and Central America who are working across sculpture, digital, painting, photography and many more styles.
The prizes of £3,000 and £1,500, with solo exhibitions in the Ashurst Emerging Artist Gallery, are complemented with a series of ongoing talks providing practical marketing guidance for artists, a constantly updated social media presence offering advice tips and promoting all early entrants and the option for every entrant to request feedback.
The winners will be announced in June 2015, with events and online support continuing while individual feedback is sent to the 200+ artists that requested it.
Commenting on the Art Prize, Ashurst corporate partner and founder of the Emerging Artist initiative Anthony Clare said:
"The prize has so far exceeded expectations, not just in the quality of the work but also in terms of number of entrants, in part driven by the support we have offered to every artist through the application process. This prize is the flagship of our arts programme and reflects our commitment to the promotion of the arts and artists of the future. This is an important initiative, not only for Ashurst but for all the artists taking part. We have high hopes for the outcome of this new important prize and congratulate all of the short listed artists.”
Conrad Carvalho, Gallery Director at Oaktree & Tiger and Panel Chairman added:
“We are delighted by the overwhelming response from artists around the globe and across all ages and disciplines. The high quality of the entries has made the judging process very tough, but we
now have a varied shortlist of artworks and regret that we couldn’t make this list much bigger. We look forward to choosing the winners and continuing to help artists in their careers with the talk events, the blog and the Ashurst Emerging Artist Initiative."
The prize builds on the success of the Ashurst Emerging Artist initiative, launched in November 2013 to support and mentor up and coming artists and provide them with a platform to showcase their work. The last 12 months have seen a variety of artists working across different mediums successfully exhibit in the Emerging Artist Gallery at the firm's London office, gaining exposure to a wide and varying audience which, in some cases, has led to the artist securing the next important step in their career.
For further details of the prize, please visit The prize will also be supported through the Ashurst website and social media, including its Facebook page and twitter account (links available at
For further media information/interview opportunities please contact:
Ashurst Jo Shepherd: +44(0) 207 859 2760 / 07771 896 290
Maria Souvorov: +44 (0) 207 859 1921
Oaktree & Tiger Caitlin Smyth: +44 (0) 7533258078
Notes to editors:
The shortlisted artists comprise: Matt Ray, John Walker, Caitriona Dunnett, Benjamin Parker, Amy Rogers, Maryam Deyhim, Jessica Wetherly, Carol Tarn, Junko O'Neill, Grant Legassick, Bob Aldous, Sarah Nabarro, Cara Campbell, Brendon Murless, Jessica Debba, Gina Soden, Lindsey Lavender, O. Yemi Tubi, Enrique Pitarch, Barbara Nati, Pascal Ungerer, Sarah Sharpe, Carlos Abarca, Jane Tudge and Lilian Villa.